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When life hands you potatoes... - Ryan's LJ

About When life hands you potatoes...

Previous Entry When life hands you potatoes... Dec. 31st, 2004 @ 10:55 pm Next Entry
Make potato salad.

Negative junk:

Ok, this (non)relationship bullshit is getting a little maddening. I have wasted atleast 30 hours of my time in the past 8 weeks trying to start something so that I'm not so bored on the weekends. I wanna feel wanted again and it's so damn hard to get a girl I would actually want to be with. Maybe I just need to work harder or, work less hard. I really don't know. Oh well, if I put in work the whole world will open to me. I guess these females I have been attracted to are just fickle, I can't have such terrible luck all the time. Doesn't mean I won't keep trying. =) BTW I am not going to date a white girl, I am NOT going to settle ever again.

I am getting kind of sick of the DDR Maine community again, even though I am liking a few members. The DDR Maine ladder is a little irritating because I have to beat people who have no chance and won't concede. Atleast me and Pats had a nice meal last night at Great Wall.

On a more positive tip:

I'm achieving my weightloss goals. Just wish it would happen faster. I put in a lot of effort to do what I have done so far and I will continue. Not eating shitty food has been one of the easiest things I have ever decided to give up. I'm seriously going to become the best version of myself possible, the best looking I can be, the smartest, strongest, most unwavering.

Whatever my problems are now will soon be broken because I won't be beaten by life. I'm going to be a success no matter what gets in my way.

Thanks for reading my bitching and bragging, I wrote this for ME, not for any of you.
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