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Trish Stratus is fiiiiiiiine - Ryan's LJ

About Trish Stratus is fiiiiiiiine

Previous Entry Trish Stratus is fiiiiiiiine Jan. 17th, 2005 @ 10:53 pm Next Entry
The Cheung brothers came over this weekend and we went to power up.

Power Up is ok I guess. I played a lot of double and talked to the people I brought down, vandal, and maca and it was a nice time. Eating dinner with Mike and Vandal was probably the highlight of the night though, driving home from Sanford in the snowstorm sucked major ass though as we almost got wasted once.

I really am not worried about anything right now. No homework for midterm week, SAT is going to be ezpz, my Subspace squad is winning and I could really care less about anything female. Making new friends, doing whatever is more important.
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