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Can't fall off if you don't reach for the top - Ryan's LJ

About Can't fall off if you don't reach for the top

Previous Entry Can't fall off if you don't reach for the top Feb. 1st, 2005 @ 07:24 pm Next Entry
You can bash that dream into a telephone pole.

My life to this moment:

Saturday I stressed the fudge out over this college stuff, only to realize that the 1st was today and not Monday. Sent out FAFSA, and my app to Far Far Away. Went to the mall, which was uneventful except for watching Brady eat some nasty shit for money. Also, Jouhan and Kim showed up for a little bit and it was good to see them, even though I was going to see them Sunday.

Sunday I hung out with Jouhan, Kim, and Alex (Forgotten) and it was a great time just being around positive people on the weekend. It was also good to NOT PLAY DDR OR ANY VIDEOGAME (well, except for Pump, but that was just a little bit) for a while. I shall have to do it again. I like to think I made a new friend in someone I would have not considered previously.

College stuff is done for the most part. I have the strongest form of my essay thanks to Pats who is great for assisting me with that. I'll put a big up to you when I go wherever for school. (=

I'm a little apathetic with school right now, I don't know how to break out of it, I just need a kick in the ass to get going.

Went to the Fitness Barn today w/ Nick and Andrew and it looks like atleast Nick and I are joining for sure. Will be fun and not as expensive as I could've thought.

I think I might try to skip school tomorrow for the reasons of sanity. I need a little break, and Wednesday would be nice.
Current Mood: okay
Current Music: Self Hate Bad Dub and Bleed Slow (Who Cares)- Atmosphere
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