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Weekend - Ryan's LJ

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Previous Entry Weekend Feb. 28th, 2005 @ 12:41 am Next Entry
Saturday was cool, went to Saco to watch The Man of the House w/ Jouhan. The movie was very funny in some spots, only cons were: Not enough action, it was a little too long and predictable.

Went to the mall after that and met up w/ Thong, played some MVC2 and was bored. Went home and slept.

Sunday I met up w/ Chuck, ate at Vinny T's and came home. Vinny T's was good, I got this awesome pasta stuff that was mad good.

I'm thinking about working more hours so I can buy clothes. I kind of have to get my weight squared away first I think, and then the clothes will become a bigger issue. Maybe I won't have to work more.
Current Music: Aaron Hall "Don't be Afraid"
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